Halloween 2015
Boop dressed as a Goth this year, pretty lady with her black attire and dark makeup.
She always goes to visit her friend and former teacher Mr. Ezra Martin who turned 101
just a few weeks before Halloween.
Check out the PunkinHeads farther down on this page.

2014 Carved PunkinHeads

Boop with her friend Ms. Rachel McKinney

"I think I may have to use these leaves"

"I'm lookin for something sweet and soft to chew on"

Hope you enjoyed looking at these
as much as Kay had getting dressed up
and I did carving the Punkin Heads

Carving Punkinheads is a fun pastime for me at Halloween.
Each one has it's own personality found in the shape of the pumpkin.
If you've missed any of the previous Halloween PunkinHeads use the
link below to see more photos and an animated instruction of how
to start creating your own carvings.

Thanks for viewing my "PunkinHeads"
While your here check out a few from previous years.




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