A Little Bit About Our Business

From Concept to Completion
   Elliott Design would like to work with you as your graphics advisor and take your creative projects from concept to completion. With over a half century of art education and as the owner of a successful sign and design studio for 47 years, I have had the opportunities to use my creative talents to produce projects covering nearly every subject matter that could possibly relate to signage, business branding, logos, packaging design, product photography, and the marketing of businesses and products for both indoor and outdoor coverage.

This is not Burger King
   When you hire Elliott Design for your creative partner, we ask that you allow us to do what we do best and that is to provide a creative project custom made especially for you. My philosophy of what makes a successfully designed sign project is, "you can have anything you want on your sign, but you can't have everything you want on it" because, a really great sign is as much about what is not on it as what is on it. Cluttered sign layouts with a list of everything in your business is a waste of your advertising dollar, the public gets tired of reading after just a few words.

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Stew
   That phrase could not be any more true for stews or artwork. Everyone has likes and dislikes and unless they are trained in graphic design these are just personal opinions that have no place in making critical decisions concerning the marketing of your business. Your main goal is to present your product or business to the public, not just to one or two of your friends and family. Listening to these well meaning "art critics" usually causes your ad campaign to fail because your marketing materials were not what they should have been or could have been if left to experienced judgment. The many years of training has taught me to look past personal opinions and base my conceptual ideas on the target groups of your potential customers and what they find to be the most appealing forms of graphic design for your business or service type. 

Only One Top Dog
   Any project can have but one "top dog", if your intentions are to dictate to your graphic designer and undermine their professional experience then Elliott Design is not for you. I will listen to reasonable ideas if they have artistic merit, but if it won't work or would devalue the advertising effectiveness of your project, I will let you know. I value your input and ideas, as I realize you know a lot more about your business than I ever could, but I know how to market your product or service to the consumer in the most exciting and visually graphical ways, and that is what marketing is all about getting people to notice what you are offering and presenting it in a way that promotes sales.

Lets Get Started
   If you are ready to put your project in the capable and creative hands of an experienced designer, please contact us for a prompt reply on setting up an appointment to get things started.

Our Company Policies
 You get much more than a sign company when you hire Elliott Design.

 You will get:

An Experienced Graphic Designer
A Talented and Imaginative Artist
A Creative Marketing Director

And An
Interest in YOUR Success

Design Applications:
  Business Branding
  Signage - Interior & Exterior
  Logos, Symbols, Trade Marks
  Website Development
  Marketing Materials
  Business Cards, Letterheads & Envelopes
  Brochures, Fliers, Folders, Etc.
  Product Photography
  Digital Image Restoration & Creation
  Illustrations, Artwork, Cartoons, Etc.

 Signage Applications:

  Business Identity

 Production Techniques:
  3-Dimensional Signs & Letters
  Hand Carved
  CNC Machine Cut/Routed
  Hand Lettered
  Real Gold Leafed Lettering
  Computer Graphics
  Vinyl Lettering/Graphics
  Digital Printing

 Construction Materials:
  Woods, Exotics & Standards
  Plastics, Vinyls, PVC, Plexiglas, Etc.
  Composites, Foams & Urethanes
  Glass, Stone, Concrete & Brick
  Metals, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless, Etc.

 Elliott Sign & Design is:
A multi talented graphics design and production service accustomed to working with many material types in numerous techniques. We offer the demanding client an exceptional array of signage from Old World hand-made pieces to CNC manufactured items produced to exacting specifications. 

 No Phone Requests for Pricing or Ordering
We do not accept phone or internet orders from anyone except established clients. ALL first time purchasers must visit our shop to create an account. We do not make estimates for our products or services over the phone or via email except to established clients. Anyone not capable of making an appointment with Elliott Design at our studio to select materials and discuss their project may request that we make a service trip to your location. We have a service charge of $2.00 per mile to come to your location. Cancelled or missed appointments by you are considered billable time if we have made the trip, rescheduling of an appointment must be made 24 hours in advance. If you are too far away to visit us, please check your local Chamber of Commerce for a graphic artist in your area.

Our policy of conducting business is very simple, we set our standards high. At Elliott Design we strive to make every project an enjoyable experience for our clients.

 We do not start any project without the client understanding what is expected of them, we don't like surprises and know you don't either. If there is anything you have a question about, please ask immediately if we haven't made everything totally clear.


   Artwork/Design/Sketches for Logos
 We require a 50% design deposit to cover production time in the preparation of all sketches or artwork for your project. Elliott Design will help you establish a price range and work with you to plan a budget for your project before we start creating visual concepts for you to view. We do not provide free concept sketches up front just to show what a project might look like. If you have doubts about our abilities, we invite you to come to our studio to see samples, look through our portfolios or view the many photos represented here on our website.

 Once we have established a budgeted estimate and hired to produce your project, we will then create rough sketches to propose a few concepts for you to consider. From these roughs, you may choose one sketch that you would like us to refine and present with color options. Only after this second draft of the artwork is approved will we start production to finish the project. The balance of the artwork fee must be paid in full before we release the finished artwork to you and provide you with a written receipt of ownership. All artwork created by us, is and remains the copyrighted property of Elliott Design until payment has been cleared and we re-assign the copyright over to you with a Copyright Release Form. The artwork, once it has been released to you, is yours to reproduce as you like as much as you like, there are absolutely no restrictions to you as the Copyright owner.

 Changes, edits, and additions requested after the approval of the final artwork will be considered billable time and will increase the cost of your project, be sure you have proof-read the layout, checked for spelling errors and are sure you have all the information in the layout/design that is needed.

 You will receive one copy of your artwork or logo on a CD in (2) standard formats PDF, & JPG for use in digital reproduction, we will also post the files on our web server for your access at any time. Other file formats are available if for any reason you require them, a small fee of $25 per image file will be charged for the retrieval of your files and changes in format after the job is completed.  

 We require a 50% start-up fee from all clients to cover any out-of-pocket expenses for materials involved in your project. You will receive an estimate of the total cost of the project before any work is done. Signage or manufactured items that require artwork, design, sketches and/or research will have the design deposit included in the production deposit. The artwork created for your sign project does not entitle you to use it in any other form without our permission. Should you desire to use this artwork, layout or design as a logo or part of a logo, we will gladly work with you and for a reasonable fee, convert it into a logo and re-assign the rights to you. It is strictly unlawful under State and Federal Copyright laws for the unauthorized use of intellectual property and we will protect our rights to the fullest of these laws.

 Deposits are non-refundable once the project is started, a partial refund might be in order in some circumstances unless materials have already been acquired for the project and then only on standard items that we normal use as stock materials, any specialty materials cannot be credited once we have purchased them for you. Costs of materials that have been cut to size for your project will not be refunded.

   Website Development
 We require a 50% start-up fee to cover design, research, and any out-of-pocket expenses involved in your website development. We also provide web hosting and domain registration if you do not already have these services set up. Cost for web development is not included in the domain registration or web space setup, this fee is non-refundable and must be paid in full if we are to host your site. We can help you establish a budget on what you should expect to spend to create the type website your company or organization would need. Estimated costs for average web development and yearly hosting of a 300 MB space with domain registration is located at THIS LINK. Once your website has been created and published online for the world to access, we offer continued support as your one-stop service provider and make periodic updates as you require at our normal studio rates. We create your website in standard web format that you or anyone with average computer skills and the proper software could easily update with new text and images any time you desire. We do not provide software or training for Do-It-Yourself web development/updates, there are several software programs available that makes updates easy but we cannot offer training or technical support for these. Most people find it much less expensive to just email us a list of changes and the new images than to learn web authoring programs. All damages and lost files due to DIY updates are at your own expense, we are not responsible for problems created by improper code added to your site pages. 

     Let's Get Started
  If you are ready to get started with your design project, we're ready and eager to help. CONTACT US and we'll get your business on a profitable and affordable marketing campaign with our creative services.

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