Here's a Few Things That I Do Mostly For Fun

"Punkin Heads"
Each Halloween I enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns
Click the image or link to see some from years past. These are carved with common wood chisels and knives.
My Music  Here's a few songs that I like, hope you do too.

Carroll County
Road Maps

Mapping & Cartography
 Map project for the Chamber of Commerce

Motorcycle Riding
 Cruising the back roads with my motorcyclist friends
is a great pleasure for my wife and me. Currently we
ride a Yamaha V-Star 1100 Silverado.

Marble Collecting
  "I lost my marbles when I was young" I've been searching for  them ever since, now I find it's easier to buy and trade for them at flea markets, yard sales and eBay auctions.
  My collection has grown over the years to include marbles from all over the world, some of these are handmade in a variety of materials including glass, stone, pottery, metals and semi-precious minerals. Contact me if you have any marbles for sale or want to learn the value or age of them.


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