Digital vs Film Cameras

Digital cameras are fast replacing traditional film cameras in the photo service fields. Recent developments in the equipment has made a tremendous boost in the ability to create professional grade photos that can be used in a wide variety of applications.  The ability to go direct from camera to computer has enhanced the ease of using photos and manipulating them in software programs that work magic in adjusting color, contrast, brightness, etc.  Cropping or resizing is as easy as using a mouse to drag an image to the proportions you desire.  Our design studio has a large selection of computer tools to work with digital images of any size, from small low resolution pics for web use to multi-megabyte images for large format printing our expertise in understanding color and how to tweak an image to bring out its best appearance is unsurpassed.  Capabilities include; in-studio and on-location shots for products, services, people, places, animals, etc.; complete digital services including high resolution scanning, image manipulation/enhancement, color corrections, compositing, etc. We also still retain a good selection of traditional film camera equipment for specialty work when required, so whether it's digital or film shots we can provide what you need when you need it.

If you need professional photographs of anything, we're the studio to see.

Old 'Fuzz Pookie' the mouser of the Funny Farm

Rose blossom

Kay, as 'The Geisha' Halloween 2003

Kay, as "Minnie" Halloween 2004

Kay, as "Betty Boop" Halloween 2005

Kay, as "Dolly" Halloween 2006

Civil War Re-enactment, Parker's Crossroads, TN.

Sunset, Carroll County, TN


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